Q: I have more than one accepted main conference paper. Do I need to pay registration fee for each one?
A: No. One full delegate registration fee covers multiple papers.

Q: I am a student with an accepted main conference paper. Do I have to pay full delegate registration fee for my paper to appear in the Proceedings?
A: Yes. You can apply for a grant to defer the cost, however: https://ijcai-23.org/ijcai-aij-2023-travel-and-accessibility-grant-program/

Q: I cannot attend the conference and I already paid my registration fee. Can I transfer my registration to a colleague who will attend?
A: No. Registration is not transferable. You can designate a proxy to present your paper. The proxy has to be registered in order to present.

Q: How can I receive an invitation letter for oral presentation at the conference?

A: By using the notification letter received from the Program Chair which explicitly invites you to orally present your paper.

Q: How can I receive a letter of invitation for MacaoVisa?
A: By registering. You will then be able to tick a box and fill out the form that will generate an invitation letter once the registration is completed. Have your passport ready and bear in mind that you can fill the form only once!

Q: Can I have a letter of invitation before I register?
A: No. Letters are only issued to registrants who have already paid their fees.

Q: I am a student and my proof of student status fails verification. Why?

A: Please read carefully the letter of rejection and read General Information 1.1. Students section under Registration/Register referring to proof of student status before you attempt to re-submit.

Q: I am a journalist. How do I register for a press pass?
A: Please write an email to registration@ijcai.org and provide your family name, first name and exact affiliation.

Q: I need to cancel my workshop only registration. Do I still have to pay U$ 100 fee?
A: Yes, U$ 100 processing fee applies to any and all cancellations.

Q: I want to buy an extra IJCAI opening reception and banquet ticket. Where can I do that?
A: Through the registration system.

Q: When will my regular talk be?
A: Regular talks will be scheduled between August 22 and August 25, 2023. The schedule will be available in early July. If you have hard constraints, please write to the program chair: pcchair@ijcai-23.org