The IJCAI Organization is pleased to announce that registration for IJCAI-23 is now open.

** EARLY REGISTRATION CUT OFF: June 19, 2023, 23:59 pm AoE **

Please read the following information carefully along with the Conference Info menu item in the registration system.

Please have your credit card ready for payment!

1) Deadlines:

Early registration: April 24 – June 19, 2023 (23:59 pm, AoE)
Late registration: June 20 – July 19, 2023 (23:59 pm, AoE)
Onsite registration: July 19 – August 25, 2023 (noon, CST)

1) General Information

  • One full delegate registration per each accepted paper is required. The registered author has to attend and present the paper. If more than one author attends, then each author must register separately. Should none of the authors be able to attend, they are strongly advised to find a proxy to present their paper in-person! The proxy MUST be registered in their own name.
  • Should sole author/authors of the papers be student(s) only, they can apply to the Grants’ program to defer the cost:
  • Full delegate registration fee includes one opening reception ticket, one banquet ticket and free tutorials.
  • Full student registration fee includes one opening reception ticket, one student reception ticket and free tutorials.
  • Additional tickets for social events can be purchased at time of registration (see bottom of this page).
  • Letter of Invitation for Visa can be obtained at time of registration. Have your passport ready!
  • Workshop/Symposia and/or tutorials only registrations DO NOT include social events!

1.1) Students

  • Students will be required to upload proof of their student status at time of registration. Proof of status will be verified by IJCAI. Only after the status verification is completed, the student   registration will become final!

Student ID’s without clear dates of validity, webpage screenshots and unofficial records will NOT be accepted as proof! Validity of proof must overlap with conference dates.

Acceptable proof of student status MUST be clearly readable in English language, contain the name of the candidate and the dates of validity. Proof containing a verification code must not fail verification.

  • PostDocs and part-time students don’t qualify for student discount!
  • Students applying to the Volunteers’ program should not register and pay BEFORE the notification from the Volunteers’ Chairs, otherwise processing fee of USD 100 shall apply!

Register now:

2) Fees

Main Conference Fees
EarlyU$ 850.00U$ 375.00
LateU$ 1000.00U$ 525.00
OnsiteU$ 1,300.00U$ 625.00
Workshop and Symposia fee for main conference registrants
1 dayU$ 275.00U$ 175.00
2 dayU$ 350.00U$ 200.00
3 dayU$ 425.00U$ 250.00
1 dayU$ 350.00U$ 200.00
2 dayU$ 400.00U$ 250.00
3 dayU$ 475.00U$ 300.00
1 dayU$ 400.00U$ 250.00
2 dayU$ 450.00U$ 300.00
3 dayU$ 525.00U$ 350.00
Workshop/Symposia/Tutorial/DC only Fees
1 dayU$ 340.00U$ 180.00
2 dayU$ 470.00U$ 250.00
3 dayU$ 640.00U$ 340.00
1 dayU$ 400.00U$ 220.00
2 dayU$ 550.00U$ 290.00
3 dayU$ 680.00U$ 370.00
1 dayU$ 450.00U$ 280.00
2 dayU$ 590.00U$ 350.00
3 dayU$ 710.00U$ 420.00
Tutorial Only
1/2 dayU$ 275.00U$ 165.00
1 dayU$ 380.00U$ 220.00
2 dayU$ 530.00U$ 300.00
3 dayU$ 680.00U$ 380.00
1/2 dayU$ 330.00U$ 220.00
1 dayU$ 440.00U$ 275.00
2 dayU$ 650.00U$ 325.00
3 dayU$ 700.00U$ 400.00
1/2 dayU$ 380.00U$ 275.00
1 dayU$ 480.00U$ 300.00
2 dayU$ 700.00U$ 375.00
3 dayU$ 750.00U$ 450.00

3) Additional tickets available for purchase:

Banquet ticket: U$ 120
Reception ticket:
U$ 100
Student reception ticket:
U$ 90
Industry Day:
U$ 120

4) Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Lunch: USD 12


Registration FAQ