T01: Advances in Optimal Transport-based Machine Learning
Hongteng Xu
Aug 19th (Morning)
T02: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Quantitative Trading
Bo An
Aug 21st (Morning)
T03: Moving Beyond Traditional Anomaly Detection
Ye Zhu; Guansong Pang; Sutharshan Rajasegarar; Xuyun Zhang; Gang Li
Aug 19th (Morning)
T04: Integrated Task and Motion Planning
Sarah Keren; Naman Shah; Siddharth Srivastava
Aug 19th (Afternoon)
T06: Meaning Representations for Natural Languages: Design, Models and Applications
Nianwen Xue; Julia Bonn; Jeffrey Flanigan; Timothy O’Gorman; Jan Jan Hajic; Ishan Jindal; Yunyao Li
Aug 19th (All day)
T07: Towards Out-of-Distribution Generalization on Graphs
Xin Wang; Haoyang Li; Wenwu Zhu
Aug 19th (Afternoon – first session)
T08: Trustworthy Recommender Systems: Foundations and Frontiers
Wenqi FAN; Xiangyu Zhao; Shijie Wang; Xiao CHEN; Jingtong Gao; Qidong Liu; Lin Wang
Aug 19th (Afternoon)
T09: Data-Centric AI: Foundation, Frontiers and Applications in the quest for robust and reliable AI systems
Mihaela van der Schaar; Nabeel Seedat
Aug 19th (Afternoon – second session)
T10: Knowledge-aware Zero-shot Learning (K-ZSL): Concepts, Methods and Resources
Yuxia Geng; Zhuo Chen; Jiaoyan Chen; Wen Zhang; Jeff Z. Pan
Aug 19th (Afternoon)
T11: Continual Learning and Its Extension to Pre-trained Models
Ying WEI; Da-Wei Zhou; Han-Jia Ye
Aug 19th (Morning)
T12: Open-Environment Knowledge Graph Construction and Reasoning: Challenges, Approaches, and Opportunities
Ningyu Zhang; Meng Wang; Tianxing Wu; Shumin Deng
Aug 19th (Afternoon)
T13: Experiments in Computational Social Choice Using Maps of Elections
Piotr Faliszewski; Stanisław Szufa; Tomasz Wąs
Aug 20th (Morning)
T14: Deep Non-IID Learning
Zhilin Zhao; Longbing Cao
Aug 20th (Morning – second session)
T15: Sentiment Analysis and Beyond in the Era of Enlarged Language Models
Wenxuan Zhang; Rui Mao; Lidong Bing; Erik Cambria; Bing Liu
Aug 20th (Afternoon)
T16: Auditing Bias of Machine Learning Algorithms: Tools and Overview
Bishwamittra Ghosh; Debabrota Basu
Aug 20th (Afternoon – first session)
T17: Deep Learning Methods for Unsupervised Time Series Anomaly Detection
Narges Armanfard; Hadi Hojjati; Thi Kieu Khanh Ho
Aug 20th (Afternoon – first session)
T18: Reproducible and Efficient Multi-modal Open Retrieval Question Answering
Avi Sil; Bhavani Iyer; Revanth Reddy Gangi Reddy; Jaydeep Sen; Wenhu Chen; Christopher Potts
Aug 20th (Morning)
T19: The State-of-the-Art and Challenges of Data Stream Clustering Algorithms in Practice
Jacob Montiel; Hoang-Anh Ngo; Minh-Huong Le-Nguyen; Albert Bifet
Aug 20th (Afternoon)
T20: Deep Learning in Mathematical Reasoning: Recent Advances and Beyond
Zhenwen Liang; Pan Lu; Sean Welleck; Ashwin Kalyan
Aug 21st (Morning)
T21: Graphical Event Models
Debarun Bhattacharjya; Tian Gao; Søren W Mogensen; Xiao Shou
Aug 20th (Morning – second session)
T22: A Hands-on Tutorial for Learning with Noisy Labels
Yang Liu; Zhaowei Zhu; Jiaheng Wei; Hao Cheng
Aug 20th (Morning)
T23: Combinatorial Solving with Provably Correct Results
Bart Bogaerts; Jakob Nordström; Ciaran McCreesh
Aug 20th (Afternoon)
T24: Learning from Non-IID Data: Centralized vs. Federated Learning
Jun Wu; Wenxuan Bao; Jingrui He
Aug 20th (Morning – second session)
T25: Empathetic Conversational Artificial Intelligence Systems: Recent Advances and New Frontiers
Priyanshu Priya; Mauajama Firdaus; Kshitij Mr. Mishra; Asif Ekbal
Aug 21st (Morning)
T26: Joint Modeling in Recommendations: Foundations and Frontiers
Xiangyu Zhao; Yichao Wang; Bo Chen; Pengyue Jia; Yuhao Wang; Jingtong Gao; Huifeng Guo; Ruiming Tang
Aug 21st (Afternoon)
T27: Sparse Training for Supervised, Unsupervised, Continual, and Deep Reinforcement Learning with Deep Neural Networks
Elena Mocanu; Zahra Atashgahi; Ghada Sokar; Boqian Wu; Qiao Xiao; Bram Grooten; Shiwei Liu; Decebal Constantin Mocanu
Aug 21st (Afternoon)
T28: Deep Neural Networks and Brain Alignment: Brain Encoding and Decoding
Subba Reddy Oota; Manish Gupta; Raju Surampudi Bapi; Mariya Toneva
Aug 21st (All day)